Our values

Dealer Management System

is a turnkey solution for your sales network management providing great flexibility in products and services inventory management, commission management, discounting, dealer supervision and activity tracking, balance management, mutual settlement and reconciliation, management reporting, and more... The solution is built to serve players from a variety of industries – from telecom operators to utility service providers as well as manufacturing and FMCG giants.

International mobile top-up

Our international mobile top-up solution aggregates more than 590 telecom companies and utility service providers from 148 countries globally through an unique API platform. If your customers are frequent travelers or international workers, our solution provides an exceptional way to top-up any account they have with you or at your business partners.

Digital Wallet

is a turnkey white label wallet solution for your payments business, offering the most complete, easiest and most reliable solution you could provide to your clients. Our digital wallet is designed to serve both end users and merchants in the most convenient, secure and flexible way. The system is easy to access and use, has a simple, intuitive design, and is available anytime anywhere on web, Android and iOS apps. optimize the performance of any commercial or governmental organization, which is receiving visitors in order to improve the retention rates and increase operational efficiency. If you are targeting to boost your revenue and deliver high quality service, Pay Point is ready to become your trusted partner and assist you in growing your business.

Outstanding Solutions

Our stand-alone solutions portfolio is the result of what we’ve exceled in – designing and delivering tailormade products aiming to help our clients to run their business most efficiently and grow it through innovative and digital means.

WHY working with us

Payment Service Provisioning

Our PSP system aggregates funds from a great variety of payment sources to enhance your online stores and e-commerce business. We provide one single integration point to have access to any bank cards systems, digital wallets, mobile money systems used by your customers. And yes, we go crypto too…

Domestic and international remittances

We bring the future of remittance services closer to your business as we also do it mobile to reduces users’ efforts. Our remittance processing system connects any Money Transfer Operator you work or want to work with, in the most secure and reliable way. Our solution opens enormous potential to service providers, financial institutions, post offices, telecom operators, and others.

Prepaid Card Management System

An alternative way of making cashless payments via a large variety of prepaid or stored-value cards types. Whether you are in education or hospitality industry, whether you are a large corporation, a governmental institution or running a family business; your staff, students, workers and customers can pay for services and products using our highly secure closed-loop or semi-closed system, regardless of time and location.

LMS-Loyalty Management System

Whether you are in manufacturing, telecom, education, health, hospitality or food industry, either a large corporation or a family business, the loyalty of your customers and suppliers defines the success of you business. Our LMS provides technologically advanced, complex but flexible tools to increase customer retention and boost your profits.


Our universal platform for generating and selling electronic tickets expands your portfolio of self-service solutions. It expands your geographical presence and increases your revenues while operating 24/7. This offers your clients unbeatable quality, a high level of flexibility and an ultimate value for money.

Email invoicing

Whether you're at home, in the office or on the go, never miss a minute or a customer. Create and send unlimited professional payment orders to your clients in seconds with just a few clicks by using personalized, customizable and simple to use templates. Link your payment orders to any payment method you like through our PSP system.